Music Box Workshop

In our music box workshop, you learn the history and interesting facts about music and create a personalized music box with choice of different music and theme; for yourself, friends, family or someone you love.


Great company event or team building

Lively team building for corporate. Each bring back a music box with different designs.


Party or Customer Appreciation event

Give the participants a surprise with music box workshop and unique gift.


A therapeutic session with beautiful creation

You never know how creative you are and how simple and therapeutic it can be.

Music Box Workshop


A memorable creation for kids

Create an unique music box and let the inspiration flow.


A bonding session with family

Create family bonding via discussion and sharing of ideas.


A get together session with friends or love one

An affordable and meaningful get together session with friends.

Music Box Workshop - Free Style

Install and design your own music box with various type of base in our studio. Duration: 2 to 3 hours Design: Various theme with a lot of ornaments (600+ varieties of ornament) to choose from. 30% of the ornaments are handmade by Okdodoo's team and local artists. Music selection: There are 50+ options of music, example Spirited Away, Canon in D, Totoro, Howl Moving Castle, Harry Potter, Kiss the Rain, Over the Rainbow and etc (For complete list, please refer to Music Demo or Music Demo 2 section). Number of pax: Max 9 pax Date and Booking: We have not set up a calendar booking system yet. You can let us know your preferred date and time and we will help you to check the slot. Workshop is opened daily for booking. The standard time slots are: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm Cost: The cost is based on the materials and ornaments you choose to design the music box. The average cost is around $90+ to $140+ per music box. The cost is based on the popular 11cm square base (most recommended and better experience for workshop) - including the base, ornaments and rotating magnetic ornaments. Other bases like 14cm square base, 10.5cm round base, sea-saw base, Ferris wheel, double rotation round base, round base with glass dome are available too. Smaller round base (68mm or 82mm round base) are available too in lower cost. It is mainly used to make a gift. The average cost per music box (including the base and ornaments) is $40 - $80 (no GST). Instruction, venue and time are FOC. No GST. Location: Okdodoo 138 Robinson Road #03-31 Oxley Tower Singapore 068906 Direction: (Please refer to "Contact Us" tab for more info) Minimum Age: 4 - 7 years old, to be accompanied by adult(s). Contact: Contact us via Whatsapp, call or email for more info. 98782416 (Chong Hui) / Derrick (97671337) Instagram / Facebook: Okdodoo

Music Box Workshop - Package (Physical / Virtual)

Fixed price package for onsite team bonding or event (corporate or big group), party (at your venue). Install and design your own music box with round base or square base with magnetic vehicle. Duration: Around 2 hours (physical), it can be shortened to 1 hour. 1.5 hours (virtual) Design: Various themes (Example Family & Friends, Animal, Totoro, Underwater World). Music selection: Spirited Away, Canon in D, Totoro, Castle in the Sky and more. Number of participants: Minimum 12 participants onsite. Maximum (100 or more, to be discussed). Portfolio: Please refer to Portfolio section for more workshop photo and previous participated companies. Contact: Contact us via Whatsapp, call or email for more info (including the packages, cost, sample photos of the ornaments / music box, etc). 98782416 (Chong Hui) or Derrick (97671337) Instagram / Facebook: Okdodoo

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